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the only thing that has made me happy today but this is perfect

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GIF - Bill Plympton

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Photographs of China’s toy factories


For his The Real Toy Story photography series, German artist Michael Wolf — who we’ve previously appreciated — visited toy factories in China to document the mass production of heaps of toys ranging from SpongeBob SquarePants to Mickey Mouse, as well as the factory workers behind the assembly, finer paintwork, and the such. Surprisingly, there are very few grumpy faces we spotted in there.

Michael Wolf 9 480x387

Michael Wolf 8 480x359

Michael Wolf 7 480x367

Michael Wolf 6 480x385

Michael Wolf 5 480x358

Michael Wolf 4 480x369

Michael Wolf 3 480x390

Michael Wolf 2 480x329

this is absolutely the most terrifying thing i have seen

I wanted this kid to go away so I showed him videos of the locust until he left.

"Let’s live in an enormous world of sound we can use randomly, with no rules at all. Let’s play with sound, forget all knowledge and instrumental skills, and just use instinct — the same way punk did."

� Yann Tiersen


2012 in Review
Gary Clement looks at 2012′s highs and lows from A-Z

thee oh sees//total control 12" split

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new years resolution:

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1979 by Voyager 1 as it approached Jupiter

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